DayZ Server

Since this is my very first blog post, I'm sure the quality won't be the absolute best, so bear with me. But today I am going to teach myself how to get a DayZ (SA) Server up and running on my local server and post my thoughts along the way. Once everything is setup, I'm going to share the server info so everyone can give it a shot, so here we go!

Disclaimer: I am not an expert, so please copy my instructions at your own risk.

Back in the day, I did create a DayZ server that was completely custom, but this was before the DayZ Server Admin Community was a thing. It was a deathmatch type server where you would spawn in a random spot on Prision Island with a certain loadout, with barrels laying around that had other weapons, armor, items inside. The match would last 5 mins and once the 5 mins was up, everyone would teleport to the center of the map lootless, wearing only underwear and you could walk around punching other players. Kind of like the pre-game lobby of PUBG.

Anyways, all that knowledge has been forgotten about, so this is basically me figuring this out all over again. So let's get with it!

Server Information

My home lab consists of a media server and a second windows "server" that has Docker/WSL installed. I'm not sure whether I should use DayZ inside a docker container, or just install it on top of windows with SteamCMD. We will figure that out later.

The Windows Server is an old desktop of mine with the following specs:


I was trying to find the minimum requirements for hosting a DayZ Server, and here's what I found: